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Point of Sale System Software

Fast POS Software is designed to handle or manage all needs of individual shops, retail store, in a efficient way with less time n accurate way.

Fast POS Billing Software is designed as per customer requirements and as per customer business type.

Fast POS Billing System generates invoices, accepts payments, manages all stock and inventory also manage customer database.

A point of sale system allow your customer to make a payment for products or services at your store.POS System has a central database which store all record of customers thats why you can easily check all details of customer.

Fast POS Billing Software is available for on premise and on cloud.

POS Billing Software has a feature to manage multiple locations,You can manage multiple store location at a time by using Fast POS Billing Software.

You can connect POS Billing Software with Eccommerce websites also you can integrate POS Billing software with wms software.

POS Billing Software Architecture

POS Billing Software

Multi POS Billing Software Work Flow

POS Billing Software Work

BI Dashboard

POS Billing Software Features


Barcode Compatibility

Facility to generate 1D, 2D barcode for products from the system. Customizable barcode formats. Compatible with barcode printer and scanners.


Multi Language Multi Currency

Software can be provided in multi language option as per the requirement of the local workforce for ease of use of software.Can be configured for multi currency operations based on the requirements.


Multi-Store Management

Keep Tabs on all your stores from a device anytime, anywhere. Manage your chain of stores/outlet as one unit with a focal list, detailed inventory, transfer stock crosswise over stores and view all sales and tax information.


Multi-Counter Setup

Multiple counter setup available for individual store. Easy to deploy, implement and maintain.No internet? No problem. Offline billing available for counters. Save bills for the day and then sync it to cloud platform for store for further analysis.


Inventory Management

Gain access to real-time stock level of all outlets/store and make transfers from central stockroom Fast provide option to set low or out of stock alerts, Stock that you want to keep. Record audits, adjustment

Return Investment

Returns Management

Fast POS software manages sales returns with ease. Based on the bill no. one can easily perform sales return entry in software. Software auto inwards the stock and user can easily analyze the sales returns through an MIS reports.


Stock Taking

Perform stock take everyday during business hours to accurately track inventory status with real-time monitoring and live reconciliation. Increase employee productivity with system generated automated stock taking tasks and instant mismatch reports access anywhere, anytime.

Cash Counter

Cash Counter Management

Manage cash provided at counters with reconciliation for every counter at the end of day while closing of the stores. Maintain and access log of the cash given and cash taken from the counter.


Integrate with Fast WMS Software

You can integrate Fast POS Billing Software with Fast WMS and Inventory Software.


Connectivity with Ecommerce Websites

You can connect Fast POS System with Ecommerce websites.


Available on cloud

Fast POS Software is available on cloud with strong security.You can access Fast POS System on the cloud.


SKU Management

Detailed SKU management. Classify products in group, category and type. Generate SKU barcodes, define re-order levels, upload photographs, define taxation.Facility to upload master data from excel.

POS Billing Software Advantages

1. Increased Efficiency : Fast Billing Software generate bill in less time.It has a centralized database tats why we can access data any time.

2. East to use : Fast Billing Software is easy to use and any user can operate it easily.

3. Reporting : Fast Billing Software has a feature to send message,mail to customers.

4. Better Inventory Management : Fast Billing Software allows you to manage your inventory in real-time and it keep track of inventory in your store.

5. Easy Invoicing : Managing your invoices manually can become complex.Fast Billing Software generate invoices in of billing.

POS Billing Software Applicable for



Fast POS billing software provides billing system for restaurant business. You can use our billing tool to generate bill.

Retail shop


Fast POS billing software helps you to generate bills for your retail business.Our POS billing software keep the track stock and inventory.



Fast POS billing software helps you to generate bills for your Bakery Products.Our POS billing software keep all details of bakery products.

Garment Shop


POS billing in garment shops help you to continuously sale your product without any gap.By scanning barcode you can check all stock,bill,detaails of that product